Height: 5’9 (175.26cm)

Gunner Stone is a bulked-up beefcake who is ready to make his opponents bend to his unrelenting will upon entering the mat. This Jersey boy is ready to explore his sex wrestling fetish as he takes on a worthy female adversary.

Athletic and built like a brick house, Stone will undoubtedly kick ass and take names on SMAX Arena wrestling. Upon watching him move, viewers will tell right away that this isn’t Gunner’s first rodeo. The fem going up against him better be ready to get fucked, and hard. What a lucky young female wrestler she will be.

He is a rock-hard stud, who enjoys wrestling and fucking in front of the camera…which is why he’s here.


These scenes are purely scripted and fantasy-based entertainment for your viewing pleasure. No one was coerced into participating in the filming of these fantasies.