Mixed wrestling, in the most basic definition, involves a wrestling match between a man and a woman. Once considered taboo and unchivalrous, this activity has been gradually gaining a lot of steam in the last few decades.  

Before getting into the ins and outs of the world of mixed wrestling, it’s important to know that it is not recognized as a mainstream sport. It is not hard to figure out why. When given equal amounts of training, male wrestlers, in general, have the physical advantage over their female counterparts, which warps the playing field. 

However, (although debatable) studies have shown that an average female has a stronger lower body than an average male. According to a comparative study on strength between American college male and female students in Caucasian and Asian populations from the Department of Kinesiology at the San Jose State University1, “females have 37-68% of muscle strength of males in general. The difference in muscle strength between females and males is more on the upper body and less on the lower body. Females are relatively stronger on their legs than arms and shoulders.”

Source: The Last Days of WWE’s Chyna and the Unraveling of Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Alumni

So, regardless of your sex or gender, can anyone come out on top when allowed to use your strongest bodily assets? Women, previously, have been entering and winning men’s competitions in the sport of boxing, wrestling, football, baseball and so on.2  See these 12 women who went head-to-head against the patriarchy and leveled the playing field (Yes, Chyna is on this list). Because of these accounts, can we speculate the formalization of mixed wrestling as a proper sport?

But as of now, mixed wrestling exists, primarily, in the following three forms. 

Professional Mixed Wrestling

Also known as Professional Intergender Wrestling involves scripted theatrical matches between male and female Pro Wrestlers. These are fairly commonplace in the Mexican Lucha Underground and the American Independent Circuit of Wrestling. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has recently stopped hosting intergender matches in order to maintain its PG rating. However, a number of comedic matches continue to be organized. Sometimes, if the timing is right, they may hold proper matches as well as special events. To date, 4 women have even competed in the Men’s Royal Rumble event. 

However, there seems to be a certain level of disparity between the mainstream coverage of ‘mixed wrestling’ versus “mixed wrestling” in connection with a kink relished by the subscribers of a niche fetish subculture.

Mixed wrestling with respect to a subculture, more often than not, involves a fetish from at least one of the competitors. It is certainly a growing cult which is reflected by the accumulating number of wrestling fetish video uploads via porn tube sites — as it is perceived as explicit. It’s easy to see the reason behind it since wrestling in itself is a very intimate activity that involves a lot of raw primal physical contact. Although “wrestling” is not (yet) a front featured category on Pornhub, it is a hidden gem niche once you discover it.

Session Wrestling

This brings us to the second type of mixed wrestling: Session Wrestling. This is an emerging profession, where trained amateur or pro wrestlers, sportspersons, or bodybuilders (mostly women) capitalize on the fetish of their clients — who may be either trained or untrained men. These women offer their wrestling prowess as a service to men who like to be dominated. They often charge exorbitant amounts of fees for their “sessions.”. Both parties agree upon a suitable place and time for the session online. Payments are usually made in advance. The women dress in little to no clothing in order to provide maximum pleasure for their clients. These clients would be subjected to all kinds of painful holds. More often than not, they submit multiple times before the time is up.  Most clients would not pose any threat to the session wrestlers owing to their expertise. However, there have been instances of the session girls experiencing injuries (either by accident or assault) during their sessions. 

Session wrestling is also considered one-sided in most cases as the session provider is determined to be the clear Dom between the two. Also, while the clients do derive sexual pleasure from the wrestling session, sexual activity does not take place. For all intents and purposes, it is a genuine wrestling match, with the fighters dressed down to their underwear to enable maximum movement.  

Session Wrestling with Mistress Kara via PornZog

Erotic Fantasy Wrestling

This, one and only, sexually explicit category has been gaining some popularity among couples behind closed bedroom doors. The category in the discussion, of course, is none other than Erotic Wrestling. This has been a sultry private activity that many couples have been experimenting with in order to spice up their sex lives. 

In most cases, both partners would share the fetish. The activity can be very versatile as it may involve role-play, fantasy scenarios, bondage, or BDSM. 

The level of aggression varies depending on the preferences of the combatants from sensual to rough play. It can take place in various settings, ranging from gym mat wrestling, mud wrestling, oil wrestling, or bed wrestling in your own bedroom. 

Couples choose various attires to keep it exciting. Different types of lingerie, thongs, leather wears, and even costumes are used to get a feel for what gets you going. You may even prefer to bare it all and wrestle in the complete nude.

Physical sexual pursuits are NOT off-limits. Oral play can be thrown into the mix or there may even be a missionary position in the duration of the match.  

Unlike pro wrestling and session wrestling, there aren’t any rules or transactions. The only rule is that participants (or at least one of them) must reach sexual gratification at the end of the match. Of course, everything from the start to the reach of a happy ending should be consensual between the adults involved. If done right, it can be very endearing. Love can be expressed through pain and aggression. Think of it as a love bite.

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⚠️DISCLAIMER⚠️  These scenes are purely scripted and fantasy-based entertainment for your viewing pleasure. No one was coerced into participating in the filming of these fantasies.


These scenes are purely scripted and fantasy-based entertainment for your viewing pleasure. No one was coerced into participating in the filming of these fantasies.