Erotic Wrestling for Couples

For generations, mixed wrestling was considered taboo. Men and Women wrestling against each other was unheard of and would’ve been deemed chauvinistic and wrong.

Today, however, couples all over the world have begun dabbling in a special kind of mixed wrestling: Erotic Wrestling. It has now reached global popularity as a couple’s activity, with experiences being specifically designed to cater to its enthusiasts.

The question which needs to be asked, though, is what exactly is Erotic wrestling, and why do couples enjoy it so much?

Erotic Wrestling is a very broad term. Essentially, it involves two lovers wrestling against each other to derive sexual pleasure. At first glance, this concept might seem oxymoronic. Seeing as wrestling is such a violent activity, how could it be sexual, let alone romantic?

Well, if done right, it can be both.

5 Reasons Why Couples Would Get Hooked on Erotic Wrestling

There are no set of rules or guidelines for Erotic Wrestling. Couples who indulge in it make their own rules for the activity. This means that the possibilities are endless. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why couples enjoy Erotic Wrestling so much:

1)  Personalized Aggression: Since there are generally no winners or losers (unless the couple prefers it that way), the participants can control their level of aggression according to their partner’s needs. This means that Erotic wrestling can range from gentle and casual cuddling to straight-up brawling or roughhousing. Partners can tickle each other or actually cause pain, whichever turns their significant other the most. This is the same kind of personalization that exists in other sexual activities.

2) Creativity: As previously said, there are no set rules. This means that participants can play around with the concept as much as they like, which they often do. If a couple prefers to keep their wrestling experience restricted to the confines of their bedrooms, they can do so. Others can venture out to different locations. Mud Wrestling, Oil Wrestling, and Bathroom Wrestling are just some of the more popular areas which people explore. And the creativity isn’t limited to the venue! Couples also imagine different scenarios for the wrestling to take place. Sometimes they add role-play to the mix to add an additional layer of enjoyment to the experience. Attires are also important. People wrestle in costumes (during role play), sexy lingerie, just thongs, etc. Some even do it entirely in the nude! If partners are into domination, they can try submission wrestling or handicapped matches. All of these ideas and many more means that the partners can try any number of combinations that they want and see what suits them. This keeps things fresh and exciting!

3) Intimacy: This one is a bit tricky to understand. “Intimacy” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of wrestling. However, that is a misconception, and it only happens because our brains are trained to think of it as competitive and not Erotic. Wrestling is a contact sport. When wrestling, the combatants often find themselves entangled in positions that would have been considered “inappropriate” or “compromising”. It literally involves two human beings having their bodies wrapped around each other. If that’s not physical intimacy, then what is?! All we need to do is change our perspective. The next time we see a pin or a submission hold, we need to imagine how sexy and intimate those positions really are.

The couples who enjoy Erotic Wrestling delve into this intimacy. They take advantage of those positions to explore each other’s bodies in newer, previously unexplored ways. And this experience is only enhanced with direct skin-on-skin contact, which is often the case.

4) Passion: This one is far easier to grasp. Wrestling can get very passionate, as anyone who’s ever wrestled would know. The primal need to win gives a colossal adrenaline boost. Erotic wrestling, especially when the couple is competitive, can have the same effect. As the matches wear on and couples get more into it, their adrenaline and dopamine levels start to rise. Because of the sheer physical activity and the constant skin-on-skin contact, along with the hormonal rush arising from the need to one-up each other, things start to get hot. This feeling is only enhanced when one feels their partner’s hot breath and sweat on their skin. The rush continues going up until both partners are consumed by uncontrollable ecstasy. This is why many matches end in an orgasm or make-out sessions, or even full-blown intercourse.

5) Fetish: Lastly, many people carry a fetish for erotic wrestling but are unaware of it until they try it out for the first time. Once that happens, these people get hooked, which, in turn, makes them keep coming back for more.


So, there we have it. Erotic Wrestling is a viable and exciting activity that can provide a solution to couples who are looking to try something new. Want to know more about Erotic Wrestling? It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, trying to find out what you can about the activity, or an enthusiast looking for more ideas; Smax Arena has got you covered! Check out some of our other articles where we provide detailed guides about a wide variety of topics related to every aspect of Erotic Wrestling. Want to witness some of the wrestling action yourself? Check out our videos, where we’ve covered many exciting scenarios to cater to your needs. 

How to Ask Your Partner to Try Sex Wrestling

So, you’ve decided to give erotic wrestling a shot? Good call. But now you are wondering how to get your partner on board with your wrestling fetish. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

Find a Fiesty One:

If your partner is usually a passive person, they might not be up for hardcore sex wrestling. Still, try your luck; they might surprise you. Maybe you can start by talking about it, defining some boundaries, and giving them time to think about the idea. 

On the other hand, if your partner is a feisty one, there’s a big chance they’ll be on board right away.

Get Them in the Right Mood:

You can begin by playfully poking your partner. The key is to keep it light — tone and all — but challenging. You want their competitive side to take over.

Watch Wrestling Porn Together:

On the Smax Arena website, you can find some great wrestling porn that is bound to get your partner hot and wanting. It’s the best way to show them how hot a fight fetish can be and get some ideas for your play session. But keep a bottle of oil nearby — chances are you’ll need it right away.

A Few More Tips:

  • Experienced mixed wrestling lovers say it’s best to use baby oil or special sensual massage oils, but never vegetable oils.
  • If you don’t want to ruin your bed, it would be best to use a plastic sheet to cover it.
  • Inflatable kids pool is also an option.
  • If you want to double the excitement, you can do it with a group of other sex wrestling enthusiasts.

Get a Taste of it!

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⚠️DISCLAIMER⚠️  These scenes are purely scripted and fantasy-based entertainment for your viewing pleasure. No one was coerced into participating in the filming of these fantasies.


These scenes are purely scripted and fantasy-based entertainment for your viewing pleasure. No one was coerced into participating in the filming of these fantasies.